heart attack
Nutrition after a heart attack
The diet after myocardial infarction is aimed at improving blood circulation, normalizing metabolic processes, and improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
Diet after myocardial infarction and stenting
During rehabilitation after a heart attack, it is important to follow a diet that involves fractional meals and avoidance of alcohol.
Diet after myocardial infarction for men
Diet after myocardial infarction for men helps to recover from the disease. Knowing what you can eat after a myocardial infarction, and what ...
Gymnastics after a heart attack at home
It is important for people who have had a heart attack to engage in proper rehabilitation, during and after the treatment received. Therapeutic exercises will help strengthen the body.
Postoperative period after CABG of the heart
Methods and timing of physical rehabilitation after cardiac CABG. How to heal open wounds. Diet, recommendations and overall prognosis after cardiac CABG.